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VISA Check Card: How does it work?

The following is a list of frequently asked questions regarding our new VISA Check Card:

  • What is a Visa Check Card?
    A VISA Check Card is a widely accepted alternative to writing a check.  You can use it to pay for purchases at any merchant displaying the logo that appears on your card.  The purchase price will be deducted from your Credit Union Checking Account; however, the appropriate funds must be available in your account for the transaction to be approved.

  • Why should I use my VISA Check Card?
    There are many situations where writing a check can be inconvenient, like when you are in the express line at the grocery store. VISA Check Card transactions are approximately five times faster than writing a check, since there is no need for check approval and proof of identification. The funds are still deducted from your Checking Account.

  • Where would I use my VISA Check Card?
    Use it wherever the logo that appears on your card is displayed - like the grocery store, your favorite retailer, gas stations, or your favorite restaurant. There are millions of locations where your VISA Check Card can come in handy!

  • How do I use my VISA Check Card?
    It's easy!  When paying for purchases, your VISA Check Card is scanned by a retail point-of-sale machine, automatically deducting funds from your Checking Account. Funds must be available for the transaction to be approved. When the process is complete, you will receive a printed receipt for easy record keeping.

  • When I use it, am I borrowing from a revolving line of credit?
    NO! It is not a credit card. Funds are always deducted directly from your Checking Account just as if you had written a check.

  • Will merchants know how to process my transaction?
    Merchants will process your VISA Check Card transaction just like a credit card transaction.

  • Can I use it to place orders by phone?
    Sure. If funds are available in your Checking Account and the merchant accepts major credit cards, you can use it.

  • Won't this make balancing my checkbook a headache?
    VISA Check Card transactions appear on your monthly Checking Account Statement, just like the checks you write. Your VISA Check Card can be used as a budgeting tool to track your pattern of spending.

  • My spouse and I have a joint account. We share one checkbook, so will we have to share one card too?
    No. You may request another card so both of you have one to use at your convenience.

  • If I want to return something I purchased with my VISA Check Card, do I go to the Credit Union or go back to the merchant?
    Take all merchandise to be returned back to the merchant where you purchased the items, just like you do now when paying with cash, check, or with a credit card.

  • What if I'm given a choice of buttons to press at the merchants terminal?
    You may need to choose between a "CREDIT" button and a "DEBIT" button. Those buttons determine how the merchant processes the transaction. Always press "CREDIT".  If you choose "CREDIT", you will simply sign a receipt an pay no fee.

  • Am I protected if my VISA Check Card is lost or stolen?
    Yes. Just as with ATM cards, if you report a lost or stolen card within two business days of its loss or theft, you may be held liable for $50.00. If you fail to report it within this time period, you could be held responsible for up to $500.00. Treat your VISA Check Card like you treat checkbook - like cash.

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